Black Mountain College

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Black Mountain College,

former coeducational liberal arts college at Black Mountain, N.C., near Asheville. Founded (1933) by John Rice, also the school's first rector (1933–40), on the progressive education principles of John DeweyDewey, John,
1859–1952, American philosopher and educator, b. Burlington, Vt., grad. Univ. of Vermont, 1879, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 1884. He taught at the universities of Minnesota (1888–89), Michigan (1884–88, 1889–94), and Chicago (1894–1904) and at
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, it placed a strong emphasis on the arts. The school's faculty over the years included Josef AlbersAlbers, Josef
, 1888–1976, German-American painter, printmaker, designer, and teacher, b. Bottrop, Germany. After working at the Bauhaus (1920–33), Albers and his wife, the textile designer and weaver Anni Albers, emigrated to the United States when Hitler came to
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 (rector, 1941–49) and his wife Anni, Charles OlsonOlson, Charles,
1910–70, American critic and poet, b. Worcester, Mass., grad. Harvard (B.A., 1932; M.A., 1933). His literary reputation was established with Call Me Ishmael (1947), a study of the influence of Shakespeare and other writers on Melville's Moby-Dick.
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 (rector, 1951–57), Willem and Elaine de Kooningde Kooning, Willem
, 1904–97, American painter, b. Netherlands; studied Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and Techniques. De Kooning immigrated to the United States, arriving as a stowaway in 1926 and settling in New York City, where he worked on the Federal Arts Project
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, Merce CunninghamCunningham, Merce
(Mercier Philip Cunningham), 1919–2009, American modern dancer and choreographer, b. Centralia, Wash. Cunningham studied modern dance with Martha Graham and ballet at Balanchine's School of American Ballet.
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, John CageCage, John,
1912–92, American composer, b. Los Angeles. A leading figure in the musical avant-garde from the late 1930s, he attended Pomona College and later studied with Arnold Schoenberg, Adolph Weiss, and Henry Cowell.
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, and R. Buckminister FullerFuller, R. Buckminster
(Richard Buckminster Fuller), 1895–1983, American architect and engineer, b. Milton, Mass. Fuller devoted his life to the invention of revolutionary technological designs aimed at solving problems of modern living.
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. The college closed in 1957.
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Guests are encouraged to interact with the 40+ objects on view — paintings, works on paper, textiles, and sculpture — created by artists associated with the progressive arts enclave of Black Mountain College.
As "The Breakthrough Years" clearly demonstrates, the trajectory of the Montana-born, California-based artist's work would be forever altered when, in the summer of 1953, Voulkos traveled first to North Carolina, to teach a course at Black Mountain College, that intellectual and aesthetic kiln of the American avant-garde of the 1940s and '50s, and then to New York, where he frequented the Cedar Tavern and befriended Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, and Philip Guston.
Writing in an accessible style with humor and insight, he describes his early years on a Southern plantation during the period after the Civil War, his education in England, his academic career, and his founding of Black Mountain College in North Carolina in 1933.
Experiment' was the mode of choice at Black Mountain College, as were chance, spontaneity and indeterminacy.
Even though it lasted only 23 years (1933-1956) and enrolled fewer than 1,200 students, Black Mountain College is still considered one of the most progressive and experimental institutions in art education.
The Black Mountain College approach to education (Summerhill School is a parallel example in England) is discussed and some appropriate actions are suggested.
He focuses on each decade in turn, considering such figures as an 1888 teacher of Sioux children, a 1907 Chicago teacher and organizer, a 1910 reformer of medical schools, a 1927 salesman of IQ tests, the 1938 founder of Black Mountain College, a 1948 junior safety patrol member, an heiress and founder of a scholarship program in 1955, a teacher fired for NAACP affiliation in 1961, a 1973 basketball coach, a 1987 brainy kid turned tutor, a 1999 skeptic of standardized testing, and a 2010 homeschooling mother.
She chronicles the creation and impact of Cage's major works, his influence as a teacher at Black Mountain College, and his collaborations with and influence on such artists as Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Allen Kaprow, and Alison Knowles.
During a subsequent stint teaching alongside friends Merce Cunningham and John Cage at North Carolina's Black Mountain College, he realized he was allergic to city life, soon settling for good in Aptos, Calif.
Sin embargo, son contemporaneos y tienen coincidencias con los de la Generacion Beat, del Black Mountain College y del Renacimiento de San Francisco.
On Rauschenburg's advice, Twombly enrolled at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, the experimental school whose alumni are a Who's Who of contemporary arts.