Black River

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Black River.

1 River rising in SE Mo. and flowing c.300 mi (480 km) SE, then SW to the White River near Newport, Ark. It is partly navigable. Clearwater Dam is on the river near Piedmont, Mo. 2 River of N N.Y., c.120 mi (190 km) long, rising in the Adirondack Mts. and flowing mainly N and W to Black River Bay, an inlet of Lake Ontario. Its falls provide power for factories and mills. 3 River, c.160 mi (260 km) long, rising in central Wis. and winding SW to the Mississippi River at La Crosse, Wis. It has been used to transport lumber, coal, and petroleum products. Big Manitou Falls, the highest falls in Wisconsin (165 ft/50 m), are in the river.
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The Lesterville area and areas south along the Black River are in extreme peril,' said Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Marty Elmore.
Black River is located about 135 km northeast of Winnipeg along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg.
18) As often happens, Black River and the government were unable to agree on an adjusted amount for the capacity charge; accordingly, Black River brought a subsequent quantum appeal to the ASBCA.
Instead they sought to live outside the formal economy in a black river world where talents were rewarded and material gain was possible.
With factories in Eau Claire and Black River, Dadco had produced frozen pizza under the Magic Crust, Roma, Jimmy Boy and Trade Winds brands.
Field mapping was done in an essentially complete section through the Cambrian-Ordovician Halifax Group in the Black River area to investigate stratigraphy and structure compared to other areas, and the petrochemistry of associated mafic sills.
JUST EAST OF MANAUS, THE DARK, RAPID Black River meets the creamy tranquil Solimoes.
Mobil will sponsor plantings in four Global ReLeaf Forests: Blackwater River and Lake George state forests in Florida, Black River State Forest in Wisconsin, and Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest in Virginia.
They boarded a boat in Manaus for a 5-day trip up the Black River.
After careful study, PARC determined that the Cockpit country - characterized by steep forbidding Karst limestone hills and valleys riddled with sinkholes - and the lower Black River Morass have a greater biodiversity and are in more urgent need of protection.
The "worst," he says, are New York's Hudson River, Ohio's Black River, Washington State's Puget Sound, Boston Harbor, and Ontario's Hamilton Harbor.
We strongly believe that the Marcellus, Oriskany, Tuscarora, and Trenton Black River formations in the Appalachian Basin have tremendous potential for future development.