Black Shirts

Black Shirts,

colloquial term originally used to refer to the members of the Fasci di combattimento, units of the Fascist organization founded in Italy in Mar., 1919, by Benito MussoliniMussolini, Benito
, 1883–1945, Italian dictator and leader of the Fascist movement. Early Career

His father, an ardent Socialist, was a blacksmith; his mother was a teacher.
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. A black shirt was the most distinctive part of their uniform. The Black Shirts were mainly discontented ex-soldiers. Ultranationalist, they posed as champions of law and order and violently attacked Communists, socialists, and other radical and progressive groups. They broke up strikes, destroyed trade union headquarters, and drove socialist and Communist officials from office. In Oct., 1922, their activities culminated in the famous march on Rome, which brought Mussolini to power. Afterward, while the term "Black Shirts" continued to be used to refer to party militants in general, the name Fasci di combattimento designated the local party units.
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References in classic literature ?
Very good people indeed, you will notice, dress altogether in black, even to gloves and neckties, and they will probably take to black shirts before long.
Two of the gunmen wore pure green shirts with a PDEA logo, while the other two wore black shirts and bull caps also with the logo of the agency.
In his message on social media platform Twitter, Tun Faisal urged people to show their displeasure with the ruling coalition's performance by wearing black shirts.
Earlier Tuesday, Gabriel had shared pictures on his Facebook page of multiple men wearing black shirts, saying, "Michel Gabriel Murr besieges his father's office with hirelings in 'black shirts.'"
Lokesh and Andhra Pradesh industries minister Amar Nath Reddy were seen wearing black shirts as a mark of protest against the Prime Minister's visit in the state.
The TDP chief said Friday would go down in the history of the state legislature as 100 MLAs wore black shirts to protest against the Centre's "unjust" attitude towards the state.
2,000 Stockton people chased Mosley's Black Shirts out of the town.
The 59 protestors who wore black shirts and white face masks, sat in silence for 8 minutes and 14 seconds, which is also today's date.
The men in grey and black shirts continue to fight in the background, grabbing their own metal baskets which they try to hit each other in the head with.
Within minutes, Daffy had me printing letters on black shirts which spelt out "The King is Dead".
I single out two in particular: the black shirts of Elam and the Greens who are birds of a feather on the Cyprus question.