Black Tom

Black Tom,

part of Jersey City, N.J., also called Black Tom Island. In July, 1916, German saboteurs demolished U.S. munitions stores there; in Jan., 1917, they destroyed the Kingsland, N.J., munitions plant. Sued by the U.S. government in 1922 but vindicated in 1930 by an international claims commission, the German government, upon hearings in 1939, was ultimately ordered to pay $50 million in damages.
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A decade later, during the international Mixed Claims Commission hearings into damages related to the war, several American lawyers revealed Witzke's role in the sabotage of the Black Tom Island munitions depot in New York Harbor on July 20, 1916.
But LaValle's novella The Ballad of Black Tom (2016) commits fully and unambiguously to the weird, even as it critiques the weird's chief figure, H.
For example, the "Black Tom" munitions depot attack of 29 July 1916, perhaps the most celebrated sabotage attack on US soil, is only covered very briefly in a couple of pages with a few ancillary points scattered elsewhere (79-80).
Black Tom cut out the running from Airmount Tess but Droopys Smasher moved into third place off the fourth bend.