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headdress developed from the simple close-fitting cap and hood of antiquity. The first hat, which was distinguished as such by having a brim, was the felt petasus of the Greeks, which tied under the chin and was worn by travelers. The decorative peaked cap was most popular in the Middle Ages. Later the medieval hood evolved into the 14th cent. turbanlike chaperon with hanging ends, called liripipes; the liripipes originated with the tassels on strings that had been added to the hoods of cloaks. The simple close-fitting coifs, gorgets, wimples, and veils of early medieval women gave way (in the 14th cent.) to netlike headdresses of jeweled gold wire known as cauls and crespins and later to conical hennins and large decorative butterfly and horn-shaped headdresses with starched veils. In the 16th cent. the beret, of colorful velvet or silk and richly jeweled, feathered, and slashed, was made fashionable by Henry VIII. Women's head coverings progressed from the nunlike gable headdress to the French hood set back on the head to the small heart-shaped Mary Stuart cap. The 17th cent. saw the high-crowned beaver of the Puritan and the wide plumed hat of the cavalier; by 1660 the brim had become so wide that the corners were turned up forming the tricorne. Women during that century generally wore hoods, although the high-standing, wired lace fontanges and commodes were popular; after 1700 the lace cap became fashionable. By the 19th cent. straw was used in making the recently introduced bonnets for women and Panamas for men. At the same time the beaver, or English round hat, of the 17th and 18th cent. gave way to the silk top hat, or stovepipe; caps and soft felt hats came back into favor; and the derby was introduced by William Bowler in England. Women's hats increased in size with their coiffures, culminating in the plumed and flowered "Merry Widows" of the late 19th cent.; with the advent of the closed automobile, hats became smaller. The 1960s saw a considerable decrease in the wearing and manufacture of hats. See headdressheaddress,
head covering or decoration, protective or ceremonial, which has been an important part of costume since ancient times. Its style is governed in general by climate, available materials, religion or superstition, and the dictates of fashion.
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What does it mean when you dream about a hat?

Hats represent concealment (e.g., a magician’s hat) and a covering of one’s head and mind (“keep this under your hat”). A tipped hat suggests a greeting, and different types of hats symbolize different situations (e.g., a beret suggests the military and a top hat represents magic, a formal occasion, a dance routine).



A common (spoken) name for the circumflex ("^", ASCII 94) character.

See ASCII for other synonyms.


Hats are usually symbolic of power and authority. They also stereotype the person who is wearing it. Look at the details in your dream and notice especially who is wearing the hat. The type and quality of the hat usually represents the degree of authority and respect that your unconscious mind is giving to the person wearing it. Generally the person wearing the hat is representing a part of you. What is the hat saying about your position in life and your attitude toward it?
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He added that Black Hat Abu Dhabi has provided the US Air Force with a platform that enables it to educate industry professionals in the UAE and the Gulf on the importance of IT security.
Black Hat runs from 12 -- 15 December 2011 at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi.
The Black Hat Abu Dhabi Conference will offer a full range of sessions, including ten training programmes, followed by three briefing tracks running simultaneously alongside the exhibition.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority represented by the UAE Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT), in cooperation with Khalifa University of Science and Technology with UBM have brought to the Middle East Black Hat which brings together experts and companies in the IT security field to discuss the latest in IT security issues, trends, and solutions.
To increase understanding, delegates at Black Hat Abu Dhabi will not only hear about security threats but will witness them first hand as skilled security consultants and researchers, brought in from across the globe, attempt to hack ATM machines, mobile phones and computers.
htm">&nbsp;discussed the vulnerability once again yesterday </a>&nbsp;during a Black Hat presentation, showing how hackers could infect phones virally through SMS.
THIS classic cowboy tale of white hats and black hats is a must for any fan of film.
Once each option has been assessed for benefits and difficulties, Pohl's suggested sequence for making choices is Yellow Hat, Black Hat, and Red Hat.
The tension has always been the same," he added, who moderated a panel discussion on disclosure at the recent Black Hat security conference.
For this, he earns an immensely broad and black hat, which he shares with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
Seattle, WA), a producer of information security conferences and training that includes Black Hat Briefings and Conferences.
In Las Vegas in August Black Hat Briefings brought out the sort of hackers we shouldn't necessarily fear--hordes of security industry professionals--to confer with so-called white hat hackers, old-school technologists who look for oversights and vulnerabilities to understand how things work and how to improve them.