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name for a reddish or black hair dye obtained from the powdered leaves and young shoots of the mignonette tree, or henna shrub (Lawsonia inermis), an Old World shrub of the loosestrifeloosestrife,
common name for the Lythraceae, a widely distributed family of plants most abundant as woody shrubs in the American tropics but including also herbaceous species (chiefly of temperate zones) and some trees.
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 family. Henna dye has long been in use, as evidenced by Egyptian mummies; the dye is also to decorate the skin with designs.



a reddish yellow dye obtained from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). Henna is used for dying wool and silk fabrics reddish brown; the dye is light-fast, and is also used for dying hair and coloring nails.


Lawsonia inermis. An Old World plant having small opposite leaves and axillary panicles of white flowers; a reddish-brown dye extracted from the leaves is used in hair dyes. Also known as Egyptian henna.


1. a lythraceous shrub or tree, Lawsonia inermis, of Asia and N Africa, with white or reddish fragrant flowers
2. a reddish-brown or brown colour
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About two-thirds of dermatologists surveyed had seen an increase in patients with reactions to hair dyes, many of whom have previously had the temporary black henna tattoo.
We will support increased industry efforts to build awareness of the allergy risk of black henna tattoos.
Figures show that only four salons were caught in violations, compared with 30 offences registered against salons using black henna in 2012.
We use black henna for dyeing the hair," they said.
Certain chemicals used in black henna can drastically reduce the oxygen levels in the body.
Al Romaithi warned that certain chemicals used in black henna can drastically reduce the oxygen levels in the body.
The new rules come in the wake of recent studies which highlight the risks of using black henna and the damages it cause to the skin, eyelashes and eyebrows.
Black henna contains coal tar, scientifically known as p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and which should not exceed 6% in hair colors," she said.
A 6-year-old boy developed a skin eruption 10 days after application of a temporary tattoo advertised as a "natural black henna tattoo.
Those [ceremonial tattoos] are pure henna tattoos, but the black henna tattoos are compounded with paraphenylenediamine to get the darker color and to get more endurance," he said in an interview at the meeting, which was sponsored by the Center for Bio-Medical Communication Inc.
Ben Richards, nine, got the temporary Liverpool FC crest drawn on the top of his right arm in black henna.
But black henna is produced by adding PPD, also found in some black hair dyes, which many people are allergic to.