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Black widow systems contain stars that are both physically smaller and of much lower mass than those found in redbacks.
We cannot be certain they were definitely black widow spiders but we believe they were and we treat every situation like this with utmost care because we wouldn't want to take any chances.
Graeme is now looking after the black widows until he can get them to a breeder in Stoke who he located via the web.
Bristol Zoo says the find came at just the right time as their resident black widow had recently died of old age.
A deadly Black Widow spider was brought to Stratford Butterfly Farm after being found in a car imported from Arizona in America.
It was the first black widow I have collected and I was a bit dubious about handling it.
The prefecture is investigating whether there are any black widows spiders outside the base, and calling on local residents encountering the spiders not to touch them, the officials said.
Black widows had spun webs in the flower bed near the spot where we'd slept.
We were terrified and I started crying as I hate all spiders, let alone poisonous black widows.
Reports of Black Widows in Bahrain hit the headlines last year, when they were discovered in several Barbar residents' gardens.
The researchers found that the courtship vibrations of both species differed from those of prey, but that the very low-amplitude vibratory signals produced when male black widows shake their abdomens were particularly distinctive.