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see typetype,
for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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Black-letter law refers to the concept that rules are generally well-known and free from doubt or dispute.
"I knew what a rare opportunity this was to get black-lettered, and my pride wouldn't let me take a day off because I just wanted to get it there."
The books are accompanied by Magic Memory Outline software that is designed to help students in synthesizing and summarizing the black-letter law and use acronyms and tips to assist in memorizing legal elements.
The collection's second section is well headed by Zachary Lesser's "Typographic Nostalgia: Play-Reading, Popularity and The Meanings of Black Letter." Questioning previous associations of black-letter print with popular literature, Lesser convincingly connects this ubiquitous typeface with instances of what he calls a "typographic nostalgia," and he ultimately calls for a semiotic approach to black-letter, one that assumes that the font's meaning was dependant upon the particular context of its use and reception.
The links seemed tentative at best between Nikola Savic's decorative abstractions; Adrian Kovacs's sophisticated painterly play with the semantics of art history and the mythologies of the artist; the interventionist micropractices of collectives like SKART and Asocijacija Apsolutno; or the perverse and angry critique of totalitarianism in Dragoljub Rasa Todosijevic's installation Gott liebt die Serben (God Loves the Serbs), 1993/2002, which featured a giant red wall-mounted swastika and a text, set in a heavy black-letter font, about a Serbian woman who curses God and socialism alike.
The most prized recording of chant that I own is one in a vivid blue jacket--with Gothic black-letter printing--for the Mass of Septuagesima (70 days before Easter), performed by the monks of Solesmes.
Board of Education-a case that simply couldn't be decided by reference to "black-letter" law or "original intent." Warren's opinion for a unanimous Court is the greatest achievement in American law not because it actually desegregated the nation's schools (as Rosenberg demonstrates, widespread civic commitment was necessary for that), but because Brown is the noblest example of the Court speaking to the conscience of the country, and speaking plainly.
The question is based on the premise that law is more than just black-letter rules, but encompasses how rules are interpreted, and even how those interpreting the rules are selected and trained and how legal professions are organized.
For the 12th time since June 2011, the 302nd Maintenance Group at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., achieved a "black-letter" aircraft inspection in September.
This text presents the black-letter law of contracts in the US in outline form as a casebook companion and study guide.
It also covers the law governing residential common-interest communities, and includes data on black-letter provisions and comments on background and applicability of those provisions.