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d. 1718, English pirate. His name was probably Edward Teach, Thatch, or Thach. He probably began as a privateer in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–14), then turned pirate. In 1716–18 he preyed on shipping and coastal settlements of the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America, becoming notorious for cruelty. His headquarters were in the Bahamas and the Carolinas. The governor of North Carolina shared some of the booty, but despite his protection Blackbeard was killed by a British force from Virginia. Legend has romanticized Blackbeard; his ship, found near Beaufort, N.C., in 1996, is key to a tourist "Pirate's Trail."
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nickname of pirate, Edward Teach (d. 1718). [Am. Hist.: Hart, 84]
See: Cruelty

Blackbeard (Edward Teach,

d. 1718) colorful, albeit savage, corsair. [Br. Hist.: Jameson, 495]
See: Piracy
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Mr Blackbeard further cautioned the public to desist from provoking elephants moving across the village.
"With no chance of victory, you and your scurvy shipmates decide to jump ship - after helping yourself to the contents of Blackbeard's legendary treasure chest.
A folk hero in his own lifetime, Blackbeard exploded onto the scene during the birth of America and was one of the first American revolutionaries in the War of Independence against British rule.
Most of the game systems have been developed, and with optimization process, we are hoping to begin CBT in North America and other selected regions by the end of this year," said CEO of Blackbeard, Ryan Kang.
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Blackbeard sails in on his galleon while his slave crew gleefully chant ...
Thus when Peter wriggles out of Blackbeard's clutches, the pirate barks, "So is the boy lost?" and a minion replies, "Yes sir, he is a lost boy."
The movie might be called Pan, but there was never any doubt as to who the main star was going to be - Blackbeard - and Wright immediately looked to Hugh Jackman for the role.
It is essentially an 'origins' story as young Peter (newcomer Miller) is kidnapped by pirates, led by the flamboyant Blackbeard (Jackman), and spirited away to Neverland in a flying boat to join his band of child captives.
Hugh cuts quite the dandy as the infamous Blackbeard in Pan, though his initial vision for the character did not quite mesh with that of his director, Joe Wright.