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Native North Americans of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They occupied in the early 19th cent.
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Councilman Gervais stated several tribes and congressional people are looking at the Blackfeet model's success in order to consider adoption on a "ripple effect" scale for American Indian border tribes and non-Indian governments, too.
6) These volumes are catalogued as MSS C560/1/1 "Map of the Land of the Chokitapix or Blackfeet Indians, by J.
In the distant past, the Blackfeet minimized their environmental impact through seasonal moves.
A lively account of the author's time working as a trapper and living with the Blackfeet people in Montana, the book's depiction of Indian life is somewhat romanticized (which is not surprising, given that much of the book first saw print as a magazine serial).
The Blackfeet, NPCA, and other environmental groups have fought the proposal since.
But he adds greatly to the significance of the story as he juxtapositions Turtle's experience with the plight of the Blackfeet in Montana.
Although the Piikani Nation, a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy, is not part of the legal proceedings, Weasel Head said the Piikani and the Blackfeet First Nation, in Montana, also a member of the confederacy, have given their support.
Although the preferred beadwork technique amongst the tribes of Alberta and Saskatchewan was couched overlay (applique, or spot stitch), some groups, such as the Sarcee in southern Alberta, and the Southern Blackfeet in Montana, also employed lane-stitch technique.
Montana 1911; a professor and his wife among the Blackfeet.
K2 also advises that it has verbally agreed to pay an annual land rental payment of US $3/acre ($450,000) in respect of 150,000 tribal mineral acres contained within its original 1997 agreement with the Blackfeet Tribe, earlier disputed by K2, if a mutually acceptable agreement between K2 and the Blackfeet Tribe is entered into to deal with other issues between the parties in respect of K2's obligations and rights under the mineral exploration and development agreement between K2 and the Blackfeet Tribe.
The occasion marked the 124th year since the signing of the treaty between the Blackfoot Confederacy, comprised of the Peigan, Blood and Siksika Nations in Canada and the Blackfeet in Montana, and the Canadian government.