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for printing, was invented in China (c.1040), using woodblocks. Related devices, such as seals and stamps for making impressions in clay, had been used in ancient times in Babylon and elsewhere.
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Instead, blackletter criminal laws--as enforced by the trifecta of public security forces, procuratorates, and courts--were an increasingly prominent part of the government's strategy to establish basic stability upon which the economy could grow.
Although the blackletter text of each rule is authoritative, the comments could be critical to interpreting and applying the rules for lawyers, courts, and disciplinary agencies.
While it probably only reflects the vagaries of Danter's printing, scholars have seen the King's blackletter proclamation as yet more evidence that the play was a reactionary, royalist text--the play even pounds the rebels through the authority of typeface.
Readers of Skot's editions encountered this running title, emphasizing the act of a quasilegal summoning, eight or nine times in twenty-nine pages of playtext, in the same large blackletter as the main text and flush up against it.
Madison looked to the blackletter of the Constitution itself, "Reviewing the Constitution with an eye to these positions [the advantages of a national bank] it was not possible to discover in it the power to incorporate a bank.
Sometimes the Gregorian days and numbers are in Latin, as though to give thema learned but also alien and Catholic look, an impression occasionally increased by the use of comfortable blackletter for the English dates and the more recently imported Roman font for the foreign ones.
It was registered with the Stationers' Company on 14 December 1624 and appeared as a blackletter broadside by Henry Gosson of London (printed between 1607 and 1641).
In other words, beyond blackletter law, how do the Sami actually exercise any form of control over their region?
Although UCITA establishes the general enforceability of shrinkwrap and clickwrap agreements, both the blackletter text and the Reporter's Notes indicate important caveats and protections for the licensee.
In terms of its history, the conventional times and places of performance, the economics of the trade, and the social status of singers and their audiences, the tradition shares a great deal in common with the British broadside, even to the point of moving through transitions in theme and style roughly analogous to differences in blackletter and whiteletter broadsides.
Barbara Bernier, "Class, Race and Poverty" Medical Technologies and Socio-Political Choices," Harvard BlackLetter 11 (1994): 115
At six-by-eight inches and an inch thick (with modern spelling and a Bembo font), Tyndale's New Testament is not a perfect facsimile of the four-by-six inch blackletter sheets that were smuggled into England in deceitful barrels and bales of cloth.