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river, c.100 mi (161 km) long, rising in Co. Kerry, SW Republic of Ireland. It flows east through the dairy region of Co. Cork and Co. Waterford before turning abruptly south and entering the Atlantic Ocean at Youghal Bay. Salmon and trout are caught in the river.


Nonindustrial wastewater containing significant food residues, high concentrations of toxic chemicals from household cleaners, and/or toilet flush water. Wastewater from toilets and urinals is always considered blackwater; wastewater from kitchen sinks, showers, or bathtubs may be considered blackwater by state or local codes. After neutralization, blackwater is typically used for nonpotable purposes, such as flushing or irrigation.


Any disease that is characterized by dark-colored urine.
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A sum of 14 Blackwater mercenaries, including a British, a French, an Australian and six Colombians were killed in an attack on al-Amri military base in Zobab region in Ta'iz province near the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.
Blackwater is no longer in operation, but it has left an indelible scar on the psyche of many Iraqis.
embassy officials in Baghdad sided with Blackwater and the State Department investigators were ordered to leave, The Times said.
Dost said since the Blackwater firm was involved in the Afghan conflict, the translated book would help the people know about its activities.
The Blackwater Novels are set in the 1930s along the fictional Blackwater River and Blackwater Swamp near the fictional town of Turpentine, Georgia and in the countryside near Birmingham, Alabama.
The upper reaches ot the Blackwater River are best fished with smaller lures designed to mimic the baitfish that winter here.
The Blackwater case is an illustrative example of the impunity of personnel of private security guard companies who are flagrantly violating human rights standards.
which has dozens of locations across the South -- claims using the name "Academi" for the security company is trademark infringement and could cause "irreparable harm" to the sporting goods chain given Academi's corporate history and the "negative media coverage stemming from its security operations in Iraq" when it was still known as Blackwater.
Based on the data from pilot production wells adjacent to Bow's Blackwater CSG field, along with Bow's previous core hole data, MHA Petroleum Consultants, Inc (MHA) have certified within the Rangal coal measures of Bow's Blackwater field (ATP 1025P) a further 89 PJ of 2P and 13 PJ of 3P.
Blackwater was in fourth place among Allen scorers with 23 points, including 10 goals, in 22 matches.
The additional 213 PJ 3P certified reserves was sourced from the deeper south western section of the Blackwater CSG Field.