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The court rejected Vanderbilt's contention, pointing out that the trial court allowed Vanderbilt to show twenty-five color diagrams that depicted various stages of a bladder exstrophy patient and the repair process.
Children born with bladder exstrophy will require surgery.
David Lerner Associates and the Police Crisis Fund Committee recently donated $2,500 to the family of Officer Thomas Iannucci to go toward hospital procedures for his 19 month old son, Logan Stryder Iannucci, who was diagnosed with bladder exstrophy at birth.
7,8] The disease could be induced by chronic bladder inflammation, stones, obstruction, neurogenic bladder, the bladder exstrophy and other primary disease, but there is no satisfactory evidence about the link until now.
Bladder was seen normally situated excluding a bladder exstrophy.
Midwives at Glasgow's Princess Royal Maternity Unit discovered baby Emily had a rare condition called bladder exstrophy, which meant her bladder was on the outside of her tiny body.