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a mountain on an eastern slope of the Central Urals, in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR, near the town of Kushva. Altitude, 364 m. There are deposits of magnetic iron ore, embedded in syenite with a layer of schist, tuff, and limestone of the Mesopaleozoic age. Reserves amount to 154.9 million tons (1956). Three million tons are extracted annually. Iron mining began in 1735 and continues primarily in open-cut mines on the eastern slope of Blagodat’. The Kushva, Verkhniaia Tura, Verkhniaia Barancha, and Nizhniaia Barancha iron works were built on the basis of these ores. The Blagodat’ mines, reconstructed during the years of Soviet power, also supply the Nizhnii Tagil’ combine with ore and sinter.

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A pilot project "Migrant's School as Prevention of Human Trafficking in the South of Kyrgyzstan" was launched in May 2018, Rahat Shakirova, president of the NGO Blagodat, told a roess conference in AKIpress Osh.
Buduci da je ono oblikovano i udareno pecatom srpske kulture, koja se naslanja na poimanje autokefalnosti pravoslavnih crkava, prevodenje je moguce jedino u slucaju naziva koji oznacuju religijsku zbilju zajednicku i katolicizmu i pravoslavlju (krscansku u siremu smislu), dakle prije Istocnoga raskola (naprimjer blagodat - milost), ne i u slucaju nazivlja koje se referira na realije vlastite pravoslavlju.
Blessing is an act of gifting a person by God's approval and also an act of calling God to hand a person some sacred help ('blagodat').
\"We do not want war, we want peace!" children are appealing to grown-ups.The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Migration, the Child Protection Department, the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, the Public Charity Fund "Blagodat", the Public Fund "Rainbow - Info Center",the Public Association of Educational Institutions' Union and the Public Fund "Slyshat serdtsem".
(101) Pushkin teaches a different lesson, of well-willing and freedom (blagodat' i svoboda), and in this way lifts the unbearable contradiction of life.