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city (1990 pop. 38,975), Anoka co., SE Minn., a suburb N of Minneapolis; settled 1862, inc. 1964. Diverse manufactures include medical equipment, gun parts, and optical components. The area was organized as a township in 1877 and was named in honor of James G. BlaineBlaine, James Gillespie,
1830–93, American politician, b. West Brownsville, Pa. Early Career

Blaine taught school and studied law before moving (1854) to Maine, where he became an influential newspaper editor.
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, then senator from Maine.
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Asimismo, en opinion de Blaine, se trataba de una guerra inglesa en contra del Peru en la cual Chile fungia como instrumento de la politica britanica para lograr el control de las areas costeras ricas en nitratos y guano.
Supporters of the British Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) stand together in central London with American performer and illusionist David Blaine suspended from a crane in the background.
ILLUSIONIST David Blaine could die when he begins taking nourishment again after his fast ends tonight, an expert who has examined his health has warned.
ILLUSIONIST David Blaine could die after his 44 day starvation stunt ends today, a nutrition expert warned last night.
The latest sport in Blighty is David Blaine baiting.
In 1876 Robert Ingersoll called Blaine "the plumed knight" at the Republican nominating convention, and in 1884 Blaine won the party's nomination for president.
Blaine needed an activist advertisement to fill space in his magazine.
In his most chilling act yet, magician David Blaine entombed himself in a six-ton block of ice for three days last December.
A federal jury in Los Angeles has awarded $731,450 to Callahan & Blaine client AMI Services, Inc.
Natasha Prince, a former British model has accused magician David Blaine of raping her at a private London home in 2004.