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The Blairites of the PLP see Corbyn as an existential threat to their political careers and ideological attachment to the establishment of this country.
He is the Blairite prince across the water who was supposed to have given up frontline politics, but, in the words of Burns's Holy Willie when asking God to make him virtuous, "but not yet"
Blears was known as a hypocritical Blairite and was associated with many controversial policies.
In any event his New Labour agenda has not been buried and Blairite 'reforms' on education, anti-terrorism, semi-privatisation and law and order will continue.
Then there's the chancellor's latest budget, brazenly geared toward the Old Left in what Blairites view as an effort to curry favor among rank-and-file Labour Members of Parliament.
IT is disgraceful that the Blairites in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet have decided to quit because of his leadership (WalesOnline, June 26).
It appears to be that half of the shadow cabinet has old Blairites on board and with the possibility of a vote on the bombing of Syria once again on the agenda in the Commons, the Blairite faction will surely vote with the Tories.
Firstly, saying Labour supports staying in the EU to appease the Blairites, and secondly, not taking into account the effects of mass migration on UK wages and infrastructure.
HE Blairites are back, and this time they won't be silenced.
ED Miliband dramatically reshaped his shadow cabinet ready for the general election, demoting Blairites and installing women in key posts.
For the Blairites, it will never be glad, confident morning ever again.
The Blairites extinguished the Socialist beacon that was the original Clause IV of the Party's constitution and replaced it with new Labour doublespeak.