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(food engineering)
A hot-water or steam direct-scalding treatment of raw foodstuffs of particulate type to inactivate enzymes which otherwise might cause quality deterioration, particularly of flavor, during processing or storage.



(1) In the food-processing industry, blanching is the processing of fruits and vegetables in hot water. This prevents them from darkening and makes the vegetable cells permeable to sugar molecules, which facilitates jam-making. Blanching is also used in the production of raisins and the withering of grapes in the production of sweet and ordinary wines. Blanching for one to three minutes shortens the withering process two to three times.

(2) In the tanning industry blanching is used to remove the residues of subcutaneous cellulose tissues from the lower (flesh side) of skins. After blanching, the surface of the flesh side becomes very smooth, and after dressing and glazing, it becomes lustrous. Skins are also blanched to achieve uniform thickness and to remove defects that cannot be removed by polishing after the application of coatings on the outer side of the skin.

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001) linear relationship between blanching time and drained weight of the canned green pepper and that drained weight decreased with increasing blanching time (Figure 2).
Opinion is divided over whether blanching is required when freezing peppers.
The new blancher includes hood and side guard designs that lift on a hydraulic unit to expose the stainless steel blanching belt.
The blanching solution was drained and the beans were rinsed with hot water.
Low-temperature long-time blanching enhances product firmness and reduces nutritional and flavor losses.
Saturated blanching water is channeled into the wastewater network of the regional water board and, after appropriate treatment, is discharged into surface water.
Bill Greathouse, Duda plant supervisor, says steam blanching offers many advantages over water blanching, but the biggest benefit for processors is increased yield.
If you blanch it to make it less bitter, it defeats the point - you might as well grow one of the crispier Blanching does give you a halfway house and a little goes a long way.
Pretreatment of food materials which includes; blanching, chemical pretreatment, osmotic dehydration, soaking in ascorbic acid before or on drying have been investigated to improve the effect of drying and give eventual dried products of good nutritional quality [5, 9, 10, 11].
The idea of blanching - plunging veg into boiling water for a couple of minutes before freezing is that it kills off the bugs which make veg decompose.
With superior data acquisition and process control now possible, Turbo-Flo offers greater assurance of food safety and food quality for blanching and pasteurizing applications.
Previous studies have shown that the use of a continuous microwave system for blanching peanuts can reduce processing time, compared to using a traditional hot air, multi-zone oven.