Blank, Karl

Blank, Karl Ivanovich


Born 1728; died Oct. 26 (Nov. 6), 1793. Russian architect; exponent of baroque and early classicism. Lived in Moscow.

Blank studied in the “detachment” of V. S. Obukhov (1745–49) and with D. V. Ukhtomskii (from 1749). He participated in the reconstruction of the Voskresenskii Cathedral of the Novoierusalimskii Monastery (1747–60); the construction of the Foundling Hospital (1764–70) in Moscow, and the Kuskovo manor house (1760–1780). He built a number of churches in Moscow (Nikola in Zvonari, 1765–68, for example) and its environs (in Spas-Kositsi, 1761, and Vyshgorod, 1764). He also built the Little Dutch House (1755) and, possibly, the church in the Voronovo estate near Moscow.