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I got a Kiddecraft toy cassette recorder when I was four and a blank tape.
You can also use the app to create sight tapes for single-pin sights by laying a blank tape on your phone's screen adjacent to the sight marks, and then marking them on the tape.
I make sure also that I have a blank tape in my Walkman so I can record the songs I like on the radio," Pura said.
The first is to simply attach a blank tape and mark distances by hand as you experiment from different distances.
For example, in the case of private copying after paying the blank tape levy, or for disabled persons who want to reproduce works for their needs.
Each time Symmonds toes the starting line during the Trials - and hopefully, in London, too - he'll wear that strip of blank tape on his left shoulder.
YOU can record whatever you fancy without needing a blank tape or recordable DVD with our choice of the best DVRs.
Strachan, who will be without Thompson and Lennon for today's clash with Dunfermline at East End Park, revealed Rangers sent him a BLANK tape of the Old Firm game.
As O'Sullivan pointed out, the importance of these various rights to a company will vary according to the nature of the company's business, so that while, in general, cable retransmission and blank tape are more important, for companies such as Discovery and National Geographic, educational copying will assume a much greater significance.
If you're sending in videos, record them on a blank tape.
What got off the plane at the other end was a beautifully spliced perfectly blank tape.
But because the drive contained five tapes and was programmed to write on any blank tape, it just randomly picked another and wrote to it, without telling us which tape or giving us a way to mount it.