blank wall

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blank wall, blind wall, dead wall

A wall whose whole surface is unbroken by a window, door, or other opening.
References in classic literature ?
Yes, I remember he boasted about the blank wall in an extraordinary way," continued Evgenie, "and I feel that without that blank wall he will never be able to die eloquently; and he does so long to die eloquently
Halting only for the brief instant that was required to wrench my sword from the carcass of my late antagonist, I sprang across the chamber to the blank wall beyond, through which the thern had attempted to pass.
This way," she whispered, again slipping her hand into his and in silence she led him through several dim chambers, and finally stopped before a blank wall in a great oak-panelled room.
He had, of course, his corner in a close though unheated room, with a window opening upon a blank wall two feet away; and also he had the bare streets, with the winter gales sweeping through them; besides this he had only the saloons--and, of course, he had to drink to stay in them.
Already have I been told enough of you to warrant me in passing through your heart the jeddak's steel--of how you stole the brains from the warrior U-Van so that he thought he saw your headless body still endowed with life; of how you caused another to believe that you had escaped, making him to see naught but an empty bench and a blank wall where you had been.
A pathetically lean girl flattened against a blank wall, turned up expiring eyes and tendered a flower for sale; while, near by, the large photographs of some famous and mutilated bas-reliefs seemed to represent a massacre turned into stone.
One side of the passage was a blank wall, for the building it supported was an old unsuccessful theatre restaurant, now shut up.
Before him and about two feet away was the blank wall of another building.
But, in truth, the picture was no more to him at that moment than the blank wall against which it hung.
She existed, unapproachable, behind the blank wall of his renunciation.
In the middle of the lake was what appeared to be an island, and on the island what appeared to be meant for a classical temple, not open like a temple of the winds, but with a blank wall between its Doric pillars.
For coming out of V Prospect towards the square, he saw on the left a passage leading between two blank walls to a courtyard.