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in the New Testament, Herod's chamberlain, mediator for the Tyrians and Sidonians.
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Blastus Orori, 61, who was serving three years in prison for possessing bhang was set free by Justice Charles Kariuki following a successful appeal.
In 1897 he listed these experiments in fiction ("topical tales for our times") as From the Old World to the New (1892), Two and Two Makes Four (1893), The Splendid Paupers (1894), Blastus; Or, the King's Chamberlain (1895), and The History of the Mystery (1896) ("After Seven Years" 100).
On the position of the genera Hydrocotyle, Opa, Commia, and Blastus in the natural system.
He hoped to secure Australasian rights for My Brilliant Career but meanwhile accepted Old Blastus of Bandicoot (54).