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any slender silvery European cyprinid fish of the genus Alburnus, esp A. lucidus, occurring in slow-flowing rivers



(Alburnus alburnus), a freshwater school fish of the family Cyprinidae. The bleak may measure up to 20 cm in length and weigh as much as 60 g. The mouth is directed forward; the scales fall off easily. Distributed in river basins of Western Europe and the European part of the USSR, the fish lives in slow-moving rivers and is numerous in reservoirs. It spawns intermittently from May through July each year after attaining sexual maturity at the age of three years. The female produces 3,000–10,500 eggs, which it deposits on plants. The bleak feeds on plankton and algae. It serves as food for a number of predatory fishes and is fished commercially.


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Between 2012 and 2016, Professor Blay served as faculty coordinator for Sarcoma for the European Society of Medical Oncology.
He called these "inters",r whichc is probar blay la trader name, although I neve e r asked; k I had a familyl to feed.
Police said Blay, 40, of Mildred Street, Beddau, Pontypridd, had initially denied all knowledge of the attempted theft and claimed to have sustained his injuries when he hit an electrical cable while digging his back garden.
Blay retoma historicamente os casos de assassinatos de mulheres por seus conjuges (incluindo casos do seculo XIX), com a justificativa utilizada frequentemente de que "foi por amor" ou "legitima defesa da honra", e relembra antigas discussoes sobre os chamados "crimes de paixao", durante as campanhas contra a "epidemia" desse tipo de assassinato desde os anos 20/30.
Despite attempts by the Ghanaian government to ban bleaching products and the extreme health risks--including skin cancer, brain and kidney damage and sometimes death--the practice of skin bleaching is seemingly on the rise," says Blay, a native of Ghana.
Of course, we have to be careful, since in the majority of cases it is men who pretend to speak on behalf of women ('el varon que finge voz de mujer', as the title of Blay Manzanera's paper illustrates), and that can lead to many misunderstandings.
Blay and Travacio spent most of 2002 rethinking their business plan and adapted it to a growing industry--tourism, which ignited from the peso's collapse.
Blay y Travacio pasaron la mayor parte de 2002 rehaciendo su plan de negocios y lo adaptaron a un sector en crecimiento: el turismo, animado por la caida del peso.
Also very comprehensive is the Sonntag Blay index, Twentieth-Century Poetry from Spanish America.
Ven I vunt a rough and tumble acrobat to blay dot base I'll hire a band of moosick to blay effery time he dose falls.
Shooting in New York and Sydney, Ton captured Editorial Director Mickey Boardman, Stylist Dani Stahl, Senior Accessories Editor David Thielebeule, Online Fashion Editor Zandile Blay, and Fashion Blogger Susie Bubble.
Gina Blay, housewife: Lately, I've been seeing on YouTube that my idol, Sylvia La Torre, has been doing some special shows for fund-raising.