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bleeding heart:

see fumitoryfumitory,
common name for some members of the Fumariaceae, a family of herbs native to much of the Old World, especially temperate Eurasia. The family is closely related to (and sometimes classified with) the poppies.
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Ah, the bleeding hearts will insist, but what about mothers and the child they would need were they to shift their lazy backsides and get a job?
Bureaucrats & Bleeding Hearts is organized into three broad parts--the examination of the bureaucratic context of health care in the Northern Territory; the routines by which health workers within this bureaucratic context learn about indigenous health and health-delivery; and the practices of health workers in indigenous communities.
In nature, the bleeding heart Dicentra chrysantha springs up freely after fire scorches dry, scrubby chaparral landscape.
For best performance, bleeding hearts need winter frost, moderate summer temperatures, and rich, porous acid soil; otherwise plants usually dwindle after a year or two.
I am sick and tired of all these bleeding hearts decrying the shooting of the tiger and the shooting of that kid who stole a vehicle, and then rammed a police car.
The Lib Dem bleeding hearts claim that four-wheel drive cars are dangerous to children.
We honour them all,and before all the bleeding hearts brigade put pen to paper,no I am not a Nazi or a racist.
Others were bleeding hearts, blazing balls, hour-glasses and whole skeletons.
Between the bleeding hearts, do-gooders and the PC folk, our once great island is sinking fast.
Instead there will be long drawn out trial and the bleeding hearts will come out and a pathetic prison sentence will be handed down for these low life to serve in some soft jail all at our expense.
The bleeding hearts on this programme, and I include Mike Parr, have ideal world opinions.
Blunkett needs to delve deeper and ask himself a hard question: "Why are these bleeding hearts so influential?