Blegen, Carl

Blegen, Carl (William)

(1887–1971) archaeologist; born in Minneapolis, Minn. He was educated at the University of Minnesota (B.A. 1907) and Yale (Ph.D. 1920). He taught at the University of Cincinnati (1927–57), where he was an emeritus (1957–71). He was director of the American School of Classical Studies during the difficult years of 1948–49. His major excavations included Troy and Acrocorinth, but he is best known for his discovery of the Palace of Nestor at Pylos, with its many Linear B tablets, in the Peloponnese (1939). His Troy and the Trojans (1963), although dated, remains a good introduction to the subject. He is buried in Athens.
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Blegen, Carl


Born Jan. 27, 1887, in Minneapolis. American archaeologist; specialist in the study of the Aegean culture.

Blegen excavated primarily in the vicinity of Corinth (1920’s), at Troy (1930’s), and at Pylos (since 1952). His work in Corinth and Troy had great significance for establishing the stratigraphy and chronology of the Aegean culture, particularly the Helladic culture. His excavation at Pylos unearthed a palace in which numerous tablets were found with texts written in the so-called linear B script. These texts served as an incentive for deciphering the Mycenaean written language.


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