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A mixture so combined as to render the parts indistinguishable from one another.
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in textile production, the mass of different fibers, mixed well in assigned proportions, from which yarn is made. The blend is usually formed by putting layers of preloosened material on top of one another and then selecting materials from all layers on the cross-section or by continuously feeding fiber material from different points into one stream.

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No food colour will be allowed and millers will have to retain the colour of the grains blended in each floor.
5b) with respect to frequency of the various [P.sub.25][R.sub.75] blends, tan [delta] plot also clearly shows that at lower frequency range the difference in tan [delta] value between the uncrosslinked blend and crosslinked blends are much higher.
While the popularity of Napa Valley grapes such as Char-donnay and Cabernet Sauvignon will never wane, California's beloved wine region has also become quite well known for its blends, primarily crafted from the area's star red grape.
Some of the other hit blends found on Honor's shelves include Chateau Renard, from France's burgeoning Jura region, "a crazy delicious and dreamy white that is Savagnin and Chardonnay," she says.
Caption: After completing the process, participants keep a sealed and labeled bottle of their own blends.
Together with Hank Bischoff, Rafael has teamed up with veteran grower and cigar man in the Dominican Republic, Jose “Jochy” Blanco to create and develop these exciting blends using selected tobaccos from the famous farms of Blanco.
The Renewable Fuels Association said in a statement that UL has been working to certify various pump dispensing equipment for use with higher level blends, despite the widespread use of these components to dispense E85 ethanol blends.
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Versator solid/liquid blender can mix, blend and defoam two or more components.
In fact, for compounds based on a natural rubber blend, usually those blends that contain the higher natural rubber concentration will most likely have the better building tack (ref.
* Barilla Plus "Enriched Multigrain Pasta," which has more (refined) semolina flour than "grain and legume flour blend."