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These rye and blended whiskies make ideal gifts for connoisseurs and The Whiskey Place also offers gift cards that can be purchased and used as a gift.
Overall sales of blended whiskies such as Famous Grouse and B a l l a n t i n e 's Finest,whichare more popular abroad than at home, rose by pounds 70million.
Only after 12 years and when deemed properly mature, the Master Blender blends the whiskies together and then adds an extra step known as "marrying", whereby he places the blended whiskies back into casks and back into the warehouse for a further period before bottling.
Figures reveal blended whiskies, such as Bell's, Teacher's and Famous Grouse, have been knocked off the top spot by the trendy tipple from makers such as Absolut and Smirnoff.
Formerly the nation's top-selling Bourbon in the 1930s, '40s and '50s, Four Roses virtually disappeared in the '60s when then-owner Seagram began selling the brand exclusively overseas to focus on blended whiskies in the states.
The 10 lucky ticket holders will also get the chance to meet Rory after his performance and win a bottle each of BNJ, premium blended Scotch whisky renowned for having the highest malt content of all the blended whiskies available today.
Researchers TNS Alcovision said sales of blended whiskies to the young were up 10 per cent, while malts saw a 68 per cent rise.