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an electrical appliance used for rapid mixing of soft drinks; beating eggs; kneading dough, pastry, and batter; and preparation of cocktails, creams, and purées. In addition, it may be equipped with devices for grinding coffee, nuts, and chocolate. A blender consists of a plastic body with an enclosed electric commutator motor and a polyethylene or glass vessel with a cover. Food products are ground by platelike blades that are bent in various planes and are attached to the shaft of the electric motor. Blenders operate on house current; some are powered by ordinary flashlight batteries.

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A soft round-tipped paintbrush used for blending colors and smoothing out brush marks left by coarser brushes.
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The first product launched in this biomaterials series is a makeup sponge, shaped like the popular beauty blenders but with a novel surface modification to revolutionise makeup application.
Both blenders also have the Quiet Mark stamp of approval, helping you to retail peace and tranquility in your home.
Versatility is another strong selling point for the blender side of the debate, according to Kevin Chandrarajan, marketing coordinator for Salton.
According to the paper, the Fender Blender has been used as an icebreaker at staff meetings, and custodial and cafeteria staff say they'll blend up a few laps during breaks too.
What we liked: The great thing about hand blenders, especially for making soups, is that you can simply simmer ingredients on the stove for a few seconds and then allow the hand blender to work its magic with the click of a button.
Available in various options, the new Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender range offers 21 functions with variable speed + turbo, standard metal triblade wand, Big Foot pan blender, chopper, whisk and the new unique Masher tool -- designed to make perfect mashed potato.
Once Pro-X formulators determine the sequence in which the materials should be fed, each bin of material is forklifted to the top of the structure surrounding the blender; here, material is gravity discharged in the hopper and, in turn, into the blender that turns at approximately 2 RPM during feeding.
Blenders in one form or another have been a part of American life for more than half a century, and yet for many people, they are no more than a means to make a frozen daiquiri.
New Delhi, Apr 21 (ANI/Business Wire India): Blender, India's best music and entertainment magazine, today revealed its plans for a huge marketing and PR push to celebrate its first anniversary.
The latest high-performance blender manufacturers strive to automate both, thus eliminating human error and ensuring all ingredients are accurately combined and dispensed every time.