Blennerhassett Island

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Blennerhassett Island

Blennerhassett Island, in the Ohio River, near Parkersburg, W.Va. On it Harman Blennerhassett built a mansion and a laboratory for his study. The island was ransacked by the local militia when Aaron Burr's schemes, with which Blennerhassett was connected, were declared traitorous by President Thomas Jefferson.


See N. F. Schneider, Blennerhassett Island and the Burr Conspiracy (1938).

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From Blennerhassett Island, Burr moved on to Tennessee and stayed at Andy Jack son's Hermitage.
In reality, a mere 50 men occupied Blennerhassett Island in advance of the "campaign." In late fall of 1806, a detachment of Virginia district militiamen landed unopposed on Blenne rhassett Island and destroyed the contents of the Blennerhassett mansion, but Blennerhassett and his small band of adventurers had escaped for the moment.
The indictment against Burr as read at his trial on August 17, 1807 accused the former vice president of "being seduced by the instigation of the devil," and "intend[ing] to raise and levy war, insurrection, and rebellion against the said United States." The smoking gun for the prosecution was the gathering on December 10, 1806 of 30 unknown armed persons on Blennerhassett Island who had "joined themselves together against the United States," and who had moved on the following day with the intent of taking possession of New Orleans.
remote from the scene of action, and who are actually leagued in the general conspiracy, are to be considered as traitors." As Blennerhassett Island belonged to Virginia, it followed that the circuit court in Richmond was the proper place for a trial.
--In a refinement of his earlier decision concerning Bollman and Swartwout, Marshall declared that treason could only be proved by evidence of intent, plus evidence of the overt act, relating to the specific locale of Blennerhassett Island. Because the prosecution could offer no such proof with valid corroboration from two witnesses, the government's case was effectively shut down.
Near Parkersburg, visitors can learn about the history of Blennerhassett Island in the Ohio River before going there aboard a sternwheeler.