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com motorists will soon have the assistance of millions of drivers eyes helping users locate oncoming police vehicles, meter maids, speed traps, mobile speed traps, cops hiding behind the under pass, or entrance ramp, cops hiding around the corner of blind stop signs, school zones, bus lanes, police stops, ticket days, EZ Pass lane tickets, double parking zones, tow zones, heavy ticket areas, city hot spots, Smokey And The Bandit cops hiding behind billboards, and many more favorite police hiding spots will be revealed in real time in cities around the country and the world.
Technological safety aspects include Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start, Smart Blind Stop Detection and Lane Keep Assist.
Two needle sleeve options are offered--one with a blind stop for cannulated applications and the other for use with stereotaxic holders--each with adjustable needle exposure of 0 to 20 mm.
Hero and why: Sir Ernest Shackleton for being able to make a group of people work together to overcome an almost impossible challenge, and my blind cat Arthur, who never lets being blind stop him from doing anything.
They both fit in the space between the outside stop, called the blind stop, and the removable interior stop (see Fig.
Measure all the way to the jamb, not the blind stop or parting stop (see Fig.
Then remove it and lay a bead of polyurethane caulk along the inside of the blind stop and the backside of the window stool.
3 REST the bottom of the replacement window on the sill and tilt the window into place against the blind stop.
Paul, 43, of Gordon Road, Roath, Cardiff, has never let the fact he is blind stop him from doing anything.
MAC members also voted to ask the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to make an exception and keep the Lindero Canyon Road speed limit at 35 miles per hour, or at the least post signs warning motorists of curves and blind stops on the roadway, Hewitson said.