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/blit/ 1. To copy a large array of bits from one part of a computer's memory to another part, particularly when the memory is being used to determine what is shown on a display screen. "The storage allocator picks through the table and copies the good parts up into high memory, and then blits it all back down again." See bitblt, BLT, dd, cat, blast, snarf. More generally, to perform some operation (such as toggling) on a large array of bits while moving them.

2. Sometimes all-capitalised as "BLIT": an early experimental bit-mapped terminal designed by Rob Pike at Bell Labs, later commercialised as the AT&T 5620. (The folk etymology from "Bell Labs Intelligent Terminal" is incorrect. Its creators liked to claim that "Blit" stood for the Bacon, Lettuce, and Interactive Tomato).
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(BIT BLock Transfer) In computer graphics, a hardware feature that moves a rectangular block of bits from main memory into display memory. It speeds the display of moving objects (animation, scrolling) on screen.

A hardware bitblt provides fastest speed, but bitblts are also implemented in software, even in non-graphics systems. For example, text scrolls faster when it is copied as a contiguous block (bitblt) to the next part of the window, rather than processing every character on every line. See stretch blt.
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Oom Johnnie en die ses suiplappe, sewe suiplappe altesaam, 'n halfdosyn dronkgatte almal saam Blits innie fles en blits innie lyf, die bottel staan en blits in die son.
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On stand number 7N3-10, a range of Sonifex audio products are on view including the new version of the RM-4C8 monitor, a new 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier and a BLITS tone generator for use with surround sound systems.
Suzuki followed with Suzuki Smash and Kawasaki with Kawasaki Blits.
(2) Macbeth defiantly challenges Banquo's ghost, saying that, should his courage leave him, "protest me/The baby of a girl." Blits points out that the "baby of a girl," certainly means, first, a baby girl, the opposite of a manly man.