Bloch, Konrad Emil

Bloch, Konrad Emil,

1912–2000, American biochemist, b. Neisse, Germany (now Nysa, Poland). He became a U.S. citizen in 1944. Bloch was educated at Munich and at Columbia (Ph.D., 1938). He taught at Columbia and at the Univ. of Chicago (from 1946) before going to Harvard in 1954; he retired in 1982. He shared the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Feodor LynenLynen, Feodor
, 1911–79, German biochemist, grad. Univ. of Munich (Ph.D. 1937). He began teaching at the Max Planck Institute for Cell Chemistry in Munich in 1947.
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 for discoveries concerning involving the synthesis of cholesterolcholesterol
, fatty lipid found in the body tissues and blood plasma of vertebrates; it is only sparingly soluble in water, but much more soluble in some organic solvents. A steroid, cholesterol can be found in large concentrations in the brain, spinal cord, and liver.
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 by the body from acetic acid.
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Bloch, Konrad Emil


Born Jan. 21, 1912, in Neisse. American biochemist, German by nationality. Graduated from the Technische Hochschule in Munich.

After Hitler came to power, Bloch moved to Switzerland, and later to the USA (1936). He worked at Columbia University (starting in 1938) and the University of Chicago (1946–54); since 1954 he has been a professor at Harvard University. His basic work has dealt with isotope analysis of cellular metabolism, problems of biosynthesis, and the study of the structure of steroids, porphyrins, and enzymes. Bloch with his coworkers showed that the biosynthesis of cholesterol consists of 36 steps, and examined its intermediate products (squalene and others). He won the Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology in 1964, along with F. Lynen, for investigations into the biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids. [3–1272–21

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