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What does it mean when you dream about a blockage?

A blockage of any kind signifies repressed expression and depleted energy flow. The dreamer should identify where the blockage is, such as at the throat where one cannot express or voice opinions.

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In most cases, doctors would just treat the additional blockages with medication alone.
Of those patients with multiple blockages, at least 80% should be able to benefit from having all of their clogged arteries reopened, said Dr.
She added: "Sewer blockages are often caused by inappropriate items being flushed away and the build-up of cooking oils and fats which are poured down the sink.
Peter used a raft of tools to reach the blockage, including a 20,000psi pressure hose.
"We're investing millions of pounds to maintain our sewer pipes to prevent sewer flooding and blockages like this from happening in the first place."
Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness, Mr Biggie Butale says the Letlhakane Primary Hospital drainage system experiences blockages and that it has never been expanded.
The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, Counsellor Ji Rong, on Friday said that India was immediately informed about the landslide which occurred on October 17 in the lower ranges of Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet and caused a river blockage on the Indian side.
This blockage of roads stuck traffic movement and it becomes threat for the lives of people.
"Their families have been teetering on the brink of starvation amidst longest canal water blockage in the history of Sadiqabad," he regretted.
Its Book 6 Chapter 6 (Weeks and Rigby 2016) covers design for Blockage of Hydraulic Structures for the first time.
"At this point, intervening to open the blockage with a revascularization procedure can save the limb and improve the patient's quality of life."