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If you met a friend with bloodshot eyes it may be unclear whether you should offer sympathy or medical assistance because red eyes may be a result of weeping, allergies or infectious diseases," said Provine.
Common symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and bloodshot eyes, and the illness is typically mild, with symptoms lasting from several days to a week, according to the CDC.
From Russia With Vodka, The Spy Who Puked All Over Me and For Your Bloodshot Eyes Only.
Bloodshot eyes can also be caused by iritis, an inflammation within the eye triggered by autoimmune and inflammatory conditions associated with joint problems.
The unflattering pictures reveal the full effects of alcohol with the pictures showing bloated flushed cheeks and bloodshot eyes.
The second suspect was mixed race, around 5ft 4ins with a big nose, bloodshot eyes and was wearing a black hooded top, black tracksuit bottoms and a black hat.
Ellison had glassy, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.
Characters are unlikeable and deserve everything they get while women serve two purposes: to answer the phone or stare into their man's bloodshot eyes.
Set in 1988, in the decade that fashion forgot, Take Me Home Tonight is a sweet yet exceedingly slight tale of unrequited love and narcotic excess as seen through the bloodshot eyes of 23-year-old twins, who must make bold decisions about their future and stumble awkwardly towards adulthood.
Crazy Heart (15) AGEING country singer Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is a drunk, singing and strumming with bloodshot eyes to loyal fans at bowling alleys.
The knifeman was white, around 6ft 1in tall, and of medium to large build, with dark broad eyebrows that met in the middle and brown bloodshot eyes.
In this case, a drunk with bloodshot eyes who's more interested in looking inside his glass than at the world outside.