Bloody Assizes

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Bloody Assizes:

see Jeffreys of Wem, George Jeffreys, 1st BaronJeffreys of Wem, George Jeffreys, 1st Baron,
1645?–1689, English judge under Charles II and James II. A notoriously cruel judge, he presided over many of the trials connected with the Popish Plot (see Oates,
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did Judge Jeffreys start the Bloody Assizes of 1685?
The spectre of Judge Jeffreys Known as the "Hanging Judge", Jeffreys - who was born in Wrexham - took charge of the Bloody Assizes in the 17th century.
1689: Death - in the Tower of London - of the despised Judge Jeffreys, who sentenced more than 300 to death at his bloody assizes.
It was during his tenure that the Bloody Assizes, a series of trials that took place at Ancaster in May 1814, took place.
Michigan, Justice Scalia asserted that "the vicious punishments for treason decreed in the Bloody Assizes (drawing and quartering, burning of women felons, beheading, disembowling, etc.
Had it fizzled and the reigning king, James II, not been displaced by William and Mary, the retribution would have been so great that the Bloody Assizes and "Hanging" Judge Jeffreys would have paled in comparison.
For drama, walk down Dorchester's High West Street, the 17th-century lodging house of the infamous Judge Jeffries, who presided over the Bloody Assizes.
Although he closely resembled his father's physical appearance, Monmouth was not his equal in intelligence or personality; he was easily swayed, and his expedition to England was marked by a series of grievous miscalculations; the brutal repression visited on the West Country in the aftermath of the rising, orchestrated by the infamous Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys in the aptly named Bloody Assizes, largely accounted for the cool reception given William of Orange's expedition to overthrow James II three years later.
Known as the Hanging Judge, he took charge of the Bloody Assizes in the 17th century, leading to thousands of those suspected of treason being burned at the stake, hanged or beheaded.
But he said: "The Rugby World Cup, in which one particular referee - who happens not to be an Englishman, was responsible for perhaps the greatest injustice we have seen on British soil since the Bloody Assizes.
WHERE did Judge Jeffreys start the Bloody Assizes of 1685?
1685: Judge Jeffreys began sentencing rebels to death at what became known as the Bloody Assizes, after the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion - more than a thousand were condemned although only around 300 were actually executed.