Bloomgarden, Solomon

Bloomgarden or Blumengarten, Solomon,



(yēhō`äsh), 1870–1927, American writer in Yiddish, b. Lithuania. He emigrated to America in 1891 and, except for 10 years in Colorado (1900–1910), lived chiefly in New York City. His poetry, which holds a high place in Jewish-American literature, includes the collections Through Mist and Sunshine (1913) and In the Weaving (2 vol., 1919–21). The Feet of the Messenger (1921) was translated into English (1923). Considered to be his greatest work was the translation of the entire Old Testament from Hebrew into Yiddish. With Charles D. Spivak he compiled a Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary (1911). A translation of his poems appeared in 1952.