Blow, Susan Elizabeth

Blow, Susan Elizabeth,

1843–1916, American educator, b. St. Louis. After study in New York City under a disciple of FroebelFroebel, Friedrich Wilhelm August
, 1782–1852, German educator and founder of the kindergarten system. He had an unhappy childhood and very little formal schooling, learning what he could from wide reading and close observation of nature; he studied for a short time at the
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, she opened in Carondelet (now in St. Louis) the first successful public kindergarten (1873) and a training school for kindergarten teachers (1874). Among her books are Symbolic Education (1894), Educational Issues in the Kindergarten (1908), and a translation of Froebel's Mutter- und Kose-Lieder (called Mother Play) in two volumes (1895).
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