Blowout Preventer

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blowout preventer

[′blō‚au̇t pri‚ven·tər]
(petroleum engineering)
Any one of several types of valves used on the wellhead to prevent the loss of pressure either in the annular space between drill pipe and casing or in the open hole during drilling completion operations.

Blowout Preventer


a device for the hermetic sealing of a well during drilling. It is used to prevent the open gushing of oil or gas.

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Surface casing has subsequently been cemented and a statutory test of the blow out preventer has been completed.
In line with the newbuilding's employment, the Norwegian company will invest USD35m in a second blow out preventer (BOP).
Its next generation blow out preventer the "SBOP" is a state of the art event eliminator that uses the wells own pressure to assist in the closure of its "Split Ball" valve.
14 September 2011 - Norwegian rig operator Sevan Drilling (OSL:SEVDR) said late on Tuesday that during maintenance of the Sevan Driller rig, an arm of the remote operated vehicle (ROV) broke and lodged into the return line from the blow out preventer (BOP).
VRC) announced today that it has introduced an innovative new blow out preventer ("BOP"), the LXT Ram, designed to improve safety and efficiency of drilling operations.
Due to extensive section milling operations required on the project, Coretrax provided its BOP cleaning and swarf recovery string to remove swarf from ram cavities and protect the blow out preventer (BOP).
NYSE:MRL) today reported the anticipated departure date of the MARINE 500 has been delayed a week or two due to difficulties encountered during the commissioning of the blow out preventer ("BOP") and related control system.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Services For Inspection, Refurbishment And Recertification Of Oils Blow Out Preventer
The commissioning of the other systems that are dependent on the hydraulic system, including the top drive, the crown mounted compensator, the blow out preventer ("BOP"), the BOP crane and the BOP carrier have also been delayed.
will unveil its latest product, the BlueGuard Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Protector, at the annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, between May 5-8, 2014.
Early reports indicated that the deadly explosion and subsequent gas fire were partly the result of a failed blow out preventer as was the case in British Petroleum (BP) 2010 Gulf oil spill.
Eni plans to install the wellhead and Blow Out Preventer (BOP) on the 20 casing before drilling the 17A' hole to a target depth of around 3,000m.