Blowout Preventer

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blowout preventer

[′blō‚au̇t pri‚ven·tər]
(petroleum engineering)
Any one of several types of valves used on the wellhead to prevent the loss of pressure either in the annular space between drill pipe and casing or in the open hole during drilling completion operations.

Blowout Preventer


a device for the hermetic sealing of a well during drilling. It is used to prevent the open gushing of oil or gas.

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The problems with this blowout preventer were worse than we understood," Daniel Horowitz, managing director of the board, told AP.
But ''The problems with this blowout preventer were worse than we understood,'' safety board managing director Daniel Horowitz said in an interview.
To prevent this situation, modern rigs are equipped with blowout preventers, or BOP stacks, huge structures that sit on the sea floor directly over the wellhead.
Even so, it estimated that a blowout preventer using two shear rams would have only a 70 percent chance of successfully sealing a well.
With the use of ROVs, BP successfully removed the top hat and installed a capping stack--a small-scale BOP--upon the existing blowout preventer.
The blowout preventer is a final defense, and a vital one.
They include lax regulation, inadequate cement, blowout preventer failure and a poorly coordinated response.
Summary: BP have sued Cameron International Corp for negligence, after a blowout preventer failed to avert the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
BP has accused Halliburton of using an unstable cement design and said Transocean failed to test the automatic shut-off function on the blowout preventer before it was used on the rig.
Engineers took 29 and a half hours to lift the 15m, 300-tonne blowout preventer from 1.
The 50-foot, 300-ton blowout preventer was not expected to reach the
British Petroleum has successfully replaced a failed blowout preventer from atop its ruptured Gulf of Mexico oil well late on Friday, the top US official overseeing the spill response said.