Blu-ray player

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Blu-ray player

(1) Software that plays Blu-ray and DVD discs. See media player.

(2) A stand-alone unit that plays Blu-ray and DVD movie discs. It also plays music from CDs, and newer models have built-in Netflix support, as well as access to other streaming services. A "Blu-ray player" is an input source for a TV or home theater, whereas a "Blu-ray drive" is a peripheral device for a computer. See Blu-ray and DVD.

Blu-ray and More
The award-winning Oppo BDP-103 also plays media from a flash drive (orange object), as well as high-resolution SACD and DVD-Audio discs. "FW Found" means a firmware update is available. See SACD and DVD-Audio.

A Portable Player
Portable Blu-ray players such as this Azend unit are self-contained viewers with screen and speakers. (Image courtesy of Azend Group Corporation,
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His shopping cart was filled with three Nintendo DS Lite consoles, a Vizio Blu-ray player, a Wii console, and three Braun electric shavers.
Unless you purchased a Blu-ray player within the past year--and it was labeled "3-D Ready"--you will need a new one to watch DVDs in 3-D.
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