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Blue Rider:

see Blaue Reiter, derBlaue Reiter, der
[Ger.,=the blue rider], German expressionist art movement, lasting from 1911 to 1914. It took its name from a painting by Kandinsky, Le cavalier bleu.
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In his book The Operators, Michael Hastings and Blue Rider Press attempt to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the author's explosive Rolling Stone article that ultimately led to the dismissal of Gen Stanley McChrystal as head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) coalition force in Afghanistan.
The production was commissioned by Tate Modern as part of the 2011 Blue Rider Centenary Symposium, celebrating the work of Kandinsky and other artists involved in the Blue Rider movement of the early 20th century.
An Anchor Bay Films presentation of a Big Bang production in association with Flame Ventures, North by Northwest Entertainment, Rollercoaster Entertainment and Blue Rider Pictures.
These patchy diptychs rather seminarishly conjure Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter's Hinterglastnalerei, Blue Rider works painted behind glass in the manner of Bavarian peasant exvotos, folkloric saints enlivened by the double refraction of the paint itself when seen through a glass surface.
Soon he became the co-founder of an important expressionist art movement The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter).
Franz Marc, the German painter who helped to found the group known as the Blue Rider, looked upon the color as "spiritual and serious" (adding that if you mixed it with a touch of red, "then you augment the blue to an unbearable mourning").
95 (inc p&p) - one each of the new light blue Mailette, the pastel pink Rosea, the purple Papillon, the dark blue Blue Rider, the bluey-purple Hidcote and the deep purple Regal Splendour.
Schoenberg, Kandinsky, and the Blue Rider, The Jewish Museum, New York, through Feb.
Like many of the avant-garde groups that broke away from existing institutions in the early years of the twentieth century, the circle of modernist painters that came to be known as the Blue Rider in Munich in 1911 owed its existence to a quarrel with authority.
Two dealers from Chicago return: Richard Reed Armstrong, specialists in French 19th works on paper, and Worthington Art, which features German Expressionist, Blue Rider and modernist graphics.
Kandinsky and his friends had a group they called The Blue Rider.
She has starred in, written, and/or directed productions at the Goodman, Victory Gardens, Blue Rider, and other major venues in Chicago.

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