verbena officinalis

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Blue-violet pencil-like flower clusters pointing upward with thin long pointy leaves. Root and leaf tea used for stomach and bowel issues, diarrhea, astringent, dysentery, expectorant, coughs, whooping cough, gum disease, colds, headaches, migraines, insomnia, ulcers, expelling worms, kidney stones, bladder, gallbladder, rheumatism, depression, stress, increasing breast milk and female wellness. Advisable to soak the seeds in several changes of water first. Indians used roasted ground seeds as flour. Apparently there have been some great results with tumors. Do not take while pregnant. Possible anti-fertility.
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White vervain is gone, and the flowers of blue vervain climb to the top of their spikes, measuring out the last days of August.
Blue Vervain has definite analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.
In addition, the team maintains wildflower gardens, which include several plants known to be used by local pollinating species, such as purple coneflower, Joe-Pye weed, tall coreopsis, spiked blazing star, milkweed, blue vervain and wild bergamot.
John's wort, gray-headed coneflower, blue vervain, white vervain, horseweed, oxeye, germander, teasel, fringed loosestrife, velvetleaf, wingstem, sundrops, small-flowered agrimony, bull thistle, tick trefoil, bush clover, burdock, showy and tall coneflower, Jimson weed, pigweed, thin-leafed mountain mint, tick trefoil, downy false foxglove, and three-seeded mercury.