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There seems to be something intrinsic about certain types of asbestos, blue asbestos in particular, that elicits a unique signal, and it triggers inflammation, the formation of pre-malignant cells and, ultimately, cancer," added Lower, also a faculty member in the School of Environment and Natural Resources.
South Africa was, however, the major producer of blue asbestos accounting for 97 per cent of global output.
A concerned reader contacted the ECHO claiming blue asbestos had been used in the tower's construction.
Though not as lethal as blue asbestos, exposure to airborne white asbestos eventually causes scarring of the lungs, leading to impaired breathing and early death.
The presence of asbestos insulation board (AIB) - which contains blue asbestos - in schools and hospitals built between the '50s and '80s is Robin's cause for concern.
Doon Academy, in Dalmell-ington, Ayrshire, was supposedly given the all-clear in the 1970s after traces of blue asbestos were removed.
In July 1999, the EU banned almost every use of asbestos and gave Member States until 2005 to comply, bringing rules on white asbestos into line with a 1991 ban on brown and blue asbestos.
We have now discovered that samples taken from the Boycetown site contain blue asbestos, and people are genuinely afraid.
Mum Margaret was a nurse and Danny was a football-mad Arsenal fan whose job was stripping killer blue asbestos from old buildings.
A National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health study concluded that white asbestos causes cancer, and articles in the scientific press reported that a significant bloc of experts believe it's ludicrous to differentiate between white and blue asbestos, and prudent to control both strictly.
Other types include crocidolite, or blue asbestos, and amosite, or brown asbestos.
Today, the firm is also recognizing over 250 employees that have worked on asbestos cases over the past three decades with blue asbestos awareness wristbands and will make a donation to a local not-for-profit organization in honor and memory of its 41,000 asbestos clients.