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voracious marine fish of the family Pomatomidae, resembling the pompanopompano
, common name for fishes of the genus Trachinotus, members of a large and important family (Carangidae) of mackerellike fishes, abundant in warm seas around the world.
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 but more closely related to the sea basses (see bassbass
, common name applied to various fishes of Centrarchidae (black basses and sunfishes), Serranidae (sea basses and groupers), Moronidae (temperate basses), and other families.
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, in zoology). Bluefish are found in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic. They average 30 in. (75 cm) in length and 10 to 12 lb (4.5–5.5 kg) in weight. Their sweet and pleasant-tasting flesh and their streamlined agility make them excellent food and game fish. Bluefish wander erratically in dense schools, feeding on menhaden and mullet and leaving a trail of carnage, for they destroy much more than they consume; they are even known to regurgitate in order to gorge themselves more. Bluefish are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Actinopterygii, order Perciformes, family Pomatomidae.
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(Pomatomus saltatrix), the only representative of the family Pomatomidae, order Perciformes. The body is elongated (up to 115 cm long) and laterally compressed; weight may reach 15 kg. The scales are cycloid. Bluefish are found in schools in tropical and temperate waters. In the USSR they inhabit the Black and Azov seas. They undergo major seasonal migrations and spawn in stages during the summer. The eggs are laid deep at sea, with productivity of 100,000 to 1 million eggs. Bluefish are predators, feeding on herring, anchovies, and other fishes and are the object of commercial fishing.

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(vertebrate zoology)
Pomatomus saltatrix. A predatory fish in the order Perciformes. Also known as skipjack.
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