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derisive term originally applied to certain 18th-century women with pronounced literary interests. During the 1750s, Elizabeth Vesey held evening parties, at which the entertainment consisted of conversation on literary subjects. Eminent men of the day were invited to contribute to these conversations. Hannah MoreMore, Hannah,
1745–1833, English author and social reformer. She was educated, and later taught, at her sisters' school for girls in Bristol. At the age of 22 she became engaged to William Turner, a wealthy squire 20 years older than she; he never married her, but settled
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, Elizabeth MontaguMontagu, Elizabeth (Robinson),
1720–1800, English author, one of the bluestockings. She was noted for her wit and beauty, and her London literary salon was frequented by Johnson, Walpole, Burke, and other eminent men.
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, and Elizabeth CarterCarter, Elizabeth,
1717–1806, English poet and translator. Under the pen name Eliza she contributed for years to the Gentleman's Magazine. One of the group of 18th-century women known as the bluestockings, she was a friend of Johnson, Burke, Reynolds, and Horace
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, among others, continued this tradition. Boswell, in his Life of Dr. Johnson, states that these "bluestocking clubs" were so named because of Benjamin Stillingfleet, who attended in unconventional blue worsted stockings rather than the customary black silk stockings. In time the name bluestocking was applied solely to women of pedantic literary tastes.
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Because of their new stockings the team would now be known as the Brown Stockings, though their home field was still referred to as Blue Stocking Park.
For instance, the Blue Stockings of Chicago coupled their "peculiar" brand of play with their natty outfits.
At the time of the robbery, he was wearing a blue stocking cap, a white button-up short-sleeved shirt, dark pants and white tennis shoes.
Michael Kinane brought the four-year-old with a strong late run on the outside to finish second to Con Collins' Blue Stocking.
A bit of a blue stocking is our Susan, just like Open University graduate Michelle.
Mary Robinson, chosen as the First Lady of Legs, ran away with the Sexy Blue Stocking section.
A literary movement among women, the Blue Stockings Society was formed in England in the mid-1700s.
Carwyn himself recorded a much more normal kind of harassment - his very first day was clouded by the fact that he stood out conspicuously since a friend of his mother's had knitted him a special pair of navy blue stockings with bright yellow tops, the subject of much caustic comment as they were immediately visible below his short trousers.
They include brutal vampire coming-of-age love story Let The Right One In and Blue Stockings, set in 1896 at Girton College - the first college in Britain to admit women.
18) Over the winter, some Blue Stockings hopped to the Uniques and the reinforced nine became the first black club in baseball history which, according to James Brunson, "established themselves regionally and nationally.
Close to the foot of the table, West Bromwich Albion's stars were forced to turn out against Fulham on Saturday in blue stockings, instead of the traditional hoops.
The Scotch team wore blue jerseys, white knickerbockers, red stockings, a red belt, high–heeled boots and blue and white cowl; while their English sisters were dressed in blue and white jerseys, blue stockings and belt, high–heeled booted and red and white cowl.