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(protocol, standard)
A specification for short-range radio links between mobile computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices.


The standard wireless network for short-range transmission of digital audio and data. Using radio waves, Bluetooth transmits through walls and other non-metal barriers. Although the term is synonymous with cellphone headsets and hands-free telephony in vehicles, Bluetooth is also used for wireless speakers, keyboards, mice, game controllers, smartwatches and more (for the different categories, see Bluetooth profiles). Constantly enhanced, see Bluetooth versions for version details.

Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping
Bluetooth is a personal area network (WPAN) that continuously changes its frequency. It randomly changes to one of 79 channels 1,600 times per second in the same unlicensed 2.4 GHz band as Wi-Fi. See spread spectrum.

Scandinavian Origins
Named after ancient King Harald Blatan of Denmark, Sweden-based Ericsson developed Bluetooth and co-founded the governing body in 1998 ( Bluetooth is also an IEEE personal area network (PAN) standard (see 802.15). Supporting point-to-point and multipoint architectures (see piconet), there are billions of Bluetooth devices in use. See Bluetooth glossary.

Bluetooth = Headset
Because they are were so ubiquitous, "Bluetooth" initially became synonymous with "headset." However, Bluetooth connects many other devices.

Game Controllers
This "gamepad" from Sony uses Bluetooth to communicate with the PlayStation3 game console. See video game controller. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Blue Teeth!!
This Oral-B toothbrush sends elapsed time to the app in the user's smartphone via Bluetooth to monitor brushing time and history.

The Bluetooth Logo
The stylized "B" displayed on this cellphone means it has been synchronized with a Bluetooth device.
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The robot, equipped with Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth and control panels has four limbs and a bucket system attached to a spider web looking extension to scoop out the waste from sewers.
relies on little battery powered beacons that emit a low energy blue tooth signal, that if your smart device is set up, you get a little notification when you get close enough to one of the exhibits or one of the beacons, then if you click on the notification, it will pull up the web page that's full of all kinds of information associated with the specific exhibit," explained the director of the Alabama Museum of Natural History to ABC-33/40 news.
Vehicle Protect is the first Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) social protection system for vehicles.
Another added: "No excuse for using mobile in car - I'd guess your motor has built in blue tooth.
Each villa features a 47-inch flat screen, slim line LCD screens in the bedroom and lounge areas, Bose Lifestyle Sound Systems in lounge, Bose blue tooth capable iPod docks and alarms with bedside wireless volume and snooze control.
The In-built Music System with USB, Aux, FM, CD, and MP3, Blue tooth, 5" Monitor, 6Spkrs and 2Tweeters are exclusive for the top two variant City V and City VX.
Customers buying a Hyundai during the promotion period, will get two scratch coupons, one for an assured serA[degrees] vice benefit such as the Free Lifetime Service, five years/100,000km or three years/30,000km service and another one for an assured gift A[degrees] a Samsung S4, Lenova 7" tab or a eKlasse Blue Tooth Speaker A[degrees] besides five years/100,000km warranty, free Insurance, a full tank of petrol free, finance options etc.
Using standard blue tooth transmission real time ECG can be monitored on a mobile phone.
If you happen to pass by a big billboard on a highway and receive an unexpected message from a company on your blue tooth mobile phone "Would you like to see the advertisement of their products"?
Even if the phone is barred from access to the internet, many have a blue tooth connection - and kids are swapping images and music between phones.
This prototype offers tactile feedback, can be connected to a wide range of existing electronic devices and has the potential to incorporate Blue Tooth connectivity.
Easy on the eye, two-tone surfacing and technical finishes, LED lights, USB ports, Blue tooth, radio and cruise controls ensure a luxurious driving experience that is designed to fit the driver's everyday lifestyle.