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* "Burning Bluebeard," the acclaimed holiday co-production between The Ruffians and The Neo-Futurists, returns for seven performances from Wednesday through Monday, Dec.
'Bluebeard' is based on the French fairy tale by Charles Perrault, the same author who first penned 'Little Red Riding Hood,' 'Cinderella,' and 'Sleeping Beauty.'
27)) began with a short prologue to Bluebeard featuring a magician in a tuxedo (John Relyea) and a stunningly sequined assistant (Hannigan) performing classic tricks, including levitation.
Nobody changes much - Peter is already heroic, Bluebeard is already bad and Hook seems content to be a sidekick.
In "Bluebeard's Castle," the set, using the Met's entire vast stage area, was the cavernous and forbidding interior of a house of horrors.
In "Little Wolf and the Iron Pin," the author uses a fairy tale setting to give the "Bluebeard" story a feminist twist.
Duke Bluebeard's Castle CBSO at Symphony Hall BARTOK'S Duke Bluebeard's Castle is the perfect opera for a concert performance.
Curious Subjects takes the story of Bluebeard as the prototype of subsequent marriage plots, using "The Bloody Chamber," Angela Carter's feminist retelling of the tale, to show how the bride's defiance of her husband's injunction against entering the locked room becomes the crucial occasion of curiosity, affording a true knowledge of self and situation.
Bluebeard's Castle Resort Special Deal -- Book now with studio suites starting at $102* a night.
Criticism of Rebecca is divided into those who read it as a gothic love story, in which a virtuous woman triumphs over an evil one by winning the love of a gentleman, and those who identify the novel as a reworking of the Bluebeard tale, in which the gentleman actually turns out to be a villain who unjustifiably murdered his first wife.
Feminist revisionist mythmaking has often seized on the legend of Bluebeard, supposedly inspired by the fifteenth-century Breton serial killer Gilles de Rais.
LH: I have an interesting quote about this Bluebeard's Castle tour.