bluebottle fly

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bluebottle fly:

see blowflyblowfly,
name for flies of the family Calliphoridae. Blowflies are about the same size as, and resemble, the housefly; because they are usually metallic blue or green they are also called bluebottle or greenbottle flies.
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It detects pressures well below the pressure exerted by a 20 milligram bluebottle fly carcass we experimented with, and does so with unprecedented speed," said Zhenan Bao, an associate professor of chemical engineering who led the research.
So you could picture me zzzz-zipping around like a bluebottle fly, eyes averted from anything printed, even the receipt at the checkout - just in case.
It only takes a small gap in the window for a bluebottle fly to get in to your house and place its eggs.