Bluetooth LE

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Bluetooth LE

(Bluetooth Low Energy) The low-power transmission technology introduced in Bluetooth 4. Using watch batteries, Bluetooth LE devices can operate for months or years before requiring replacement. Operating in the 2.4GHz frequency band, Bluetooth LE supports peer-to-peer and star topologies. See ANT.

Smart = Low Power; Smart Ready = All Bluetooth
Products with the Bluetooth "Smart" branding use only low-power Bluetooth LE transmission, whereas Bluetooth "Smart Ready" devices support both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE.

Wibree -> ULP -> BLE
Originally the Wibree technology from Nokia, Wibree was renamed Bluetooth Ultra Low Power (ULP) in 2007 and Bluetooth LE (BLE) in 2009.

Bluetooth LE Audio
Bluetooth audio has operated on the Bluetooth classic radio using the SBC codec. Announced in 2020, Bluetooth LE Audio uses the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) that promises better quality using less energy. As a result, products such as hearing aids can use smaller batteries.

LE Audio also adds broadcasting, which allows users to share their music with another person or many people. See SBC and Bluetooth versions.