Bluetooth profiles

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Bluetooth profiles

The ways wireless Bluetooth transmission can be used are defined in "profile" specifications, and the major profiles are summarized below. See Bluetooth.

GAP - Generic Access Profile
SDAP - Service Discovery Application Profile
Device and service discovery.

HSP - Headset Profile
The common headset application, first deployed in 1998.

HFP - Handsfree Profile
Hands-free calling while driving. Headsets use this profile for redial and call waiting. First deployed in 2002.

A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Supports mono and stereo audio. For example, a smartphone transmits MP3 music via A2DP and phone calls via HSP or HFP (see above). See Bluetooth audio.

PBAP - Phone Book Access Profile
Transfer a cellphone's contact list to a car's hands-free system.

HID - Human Interface Device
Based on the USB controller protocol, supports mice, keyboards and game controllers.

AVRCP - AV Remote Control Profile
Enables a smartphone to function as a remote control for computers and home theater equipment.

BIP - Basic Imaging Profile
Transmit images to external storage. Also used for remote controls and selfie sticks to snap a photo.

BPP - Basic Printing Profile
HCRP - Hard Copy Cable Replacement Profile
BPP supports printing without a printer driver, while HCRP requires a driver in the transmitting device.

CTP - Cordless Telephony Profile
Enables cellphones to connect to landlines in the home or office.

ICP - Intercom Profile
Always-on communications between two phones. See walkie talkie.

IPSP/GATT - IP Support Profile/Generic Attribute
Internet IPv6 connectivity for low-power IoT devices. IPSP is direct, while GATT uses gateways. See Bluetooth 4.2.
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The company said that the toolkit provides developers with a comprehensive set of Bluetooth profiles and a complete protocol stack to develop and integrate their own applications directly on to the CSR BlueCore chip.
The Marvell 88W8688 supports all Bluetooth profiles with an industry standard HCI interface.
Mike Conrad, CEO for Roving said, "Like our SPP and iAP Bluetooth profiles, the HID profile is an extremely easy to use out of the box solution, and is also very programmable for advanced developers.
The update weighs 308MB and will have features and improvements like security enhancements, cloud print service, new Bluetooth profiles, immersive mode, full emoji keyboard, messages/Google handout integration and others.
1 + EDR Class 2 -- Headset and hands-free Bluetooth profiles -- Micro-USB charging connector -- True multipoint for connecting with 2 phones -- 3 modes buzzer alert for choice -- Volume adjust, call transfer, call reject -- Range: Up to 33 feet -- Charge time: Less than 3 hours -- Talk time: Up to 8 hours -- Standby time: Up to 6-7 days -- Dimensions: 1.
CSR Harmony enables PC Bluetooth profiles, and the new Bluetooth low energy profiles designed for health and fitness, mice and keyboards, and other PC accessories.
The WT41 Bluetooth module is available with Bluegiga's iWRAP firmware offering support for several Bluetooth profiles such as: SPP, HDP, DUN, OPP, FTP HFP, HSP, AVRCP, PBAP, DI, HID and standard HCI over UART or USB.
1 + EDR Class 2 -- Headset and hands-free Bluetooth profiles -- Multipoint technology, which lets the headset connect simultaneously to two cell phones -- Charging status indicators -- Volume adjust, call transfer and call reject button -- Range: up to 33 feet -- Dimensions: 54.
The exactLE Profiles support the following Bluetooth profiles and services:
IVT's Bluetooth host protocol stack and profiles have a long history; it was the world's first commercial Bluetooth host stack, released in November 1999; it is widely used, mature, efficient with a very small code size, suitable for embedded applications including mobile applications and desktop applications; it supports multi-OS, multiple Bluetooth silicon, almost all the Bluetooth profiles, and is the de facto standard for interoperability in the industry; it is the core of IVT's most popular application software - BlueSoleil for Win 2000, XP, Vista, CE and Linux (e.
Numerous Bluetooth profiles also available to speed up time to market and improve reliability of the Bluetooth offering
The wide range of supported Bluetooth profiles and bi-directional audio make xTag BT the perfect wireless microphone for a range of professional audio applications including soft phones, computer telephony and video applications like Skype(TM) or messenger software.