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1. an ornamental festoon of fruit, flowers, or drapery or a representation of this
2. Midland English dialect a depression filled with water, resulting from mining subsidence


A festoon, hung between rosettes or other terminals.


A festive decoration of pendant semi-loops with attachments and loose ends, esp. a swag of fabric, or representations of such decorations. Also see garland.


Scientific (or Silly) Wild Ass Guess. A term used by technical teams when establishing high level sizings for large projects.
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Bluey has now been wearing the boots for three weeks and his paws have almost fully recovered.
I hope the blueys plus familiar Scottish treats will help put a smile on their faces.
When Australian soldiers fought again in the Second World War, without any doubt the most popular and typical characters of the period were the two mates of the soldier comic strip Bluey and Curley.
0, Bluey says, "Well, I never thought about it that way, but .
Bluey, who writes, sings and plays guitar, was born on Mauritius Island near Madagascar, moving with his mother to London at age 10.
Seaham pier is still giving LSDs, Thornback Rays and Spotted Rays, mainly on sandeel or bluey baits.
Support comes from Chiddy Bang and Bluey Robinson and tickets are pounds 12 and go on general sale at 9am
Bluey will provide customers with information and tips on how to get the most out of their Net connection.
But I rated Jackie Milne number one over even Bluey Wilkinson and Cordy Milne.
We had a good second day, myself and Bluey (Jonny Bairstow) got some big runs and the lads coming in at the end played well.
Officers served their troops for one day, the pantomimes and fun runs took place, and 130 tons of Christmas post proved email will never replace a BFPO bluey.
The best was a 19 lb 1 oz cod taken on squid and bluey by Ed Harvey, who was fishing the Tynemouth AC Christmas Competition on Tynemouth pier.